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Multimeter introduction and use

Edit:   Browse:303  Date:2019/11/25

One: basic introduction of the multimeter
Introduction: The multimeter is an instrument designed to save time and reduce trouble. The instrument comes with various time-saving functions, such as automatic measurement, built-in analysis and front panel shortcut buttons, such as Keithley's high-performance table 7, 8 and a half solutions. And flexible multi-function DMM.

Two: The multimeter measures objects: voltage, current, resistance, two or three tubes, semiconductor devices.

Three: multimeter selection and selection: in our real life, many industries are used: such as motor measurement, water pump measurement, battery measurement, home appliance electrical and electronic maintenance, etc. In real life, the electrician master has the following selection criteria for purchasing digital multimeter. Several: such as measuring the digital multimeter demand most concerned, such as: 1. Resolution (resolution refers to the accuracy of the instrument can reach) 2. Accuracy (accuracy is the maximum allowable error under certain working conditions) 3. Measurement (Digital multimeter can perform various measurements, including voltage and current and resistance) 4. Multi-mode (standard requirements are constantly improved, especially the need to combine the scheme with reality), etc.

Four: 4 classification models:
Economic digital multimeter
FLUKE Fluke Multimeter F15B+/F17B+/F18B+ Meter Handheld Multimeter Automatic Range Digital Multimeter F15B+ Economical Digital Multimeter

2. Clamp multimeter
HIOKI day 3280-10F/70F/CM3289 clamp multimeter clamp meter clamp current meter 3280-10F (AC clamp meter)

3. Handheld oscilloscope 200M sampling rate digital multimeter
Jinhan JDS2012A/2022A/2023/2012S handheld oscilloscope 200M sampling rate digital multimeter JDS2012S (single channel 25M with multimeter function)

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