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How to use the microcomputer relay protection tester

Edit:   Browse:53  Date:2019/11/25

The microcomputer relay protection tester is an instrument that electric power workers often need. It has the characteristics of simple use and powerful functions, and is well received by electric power workers. However, many electric power workers do not know how to use the equipment, so this article Just give a brief introduction to how to use the microcomputer relay protection tester.

After typing the valid values of voltage and current, press “Enter” or point the mouse to other positions, the data to be written will automatically retain the three significant digits after the decimal point. The unit of voltage defaults to V, and the unit of current defaults to A. When setting the phase, you can enter any angle within the range of -180~360°. If the written angle is outside the above range, the system will automatically convert it to this range. For example, if you enter "-181°", it will be automatically converted to "179°". In the vector window, the effect map of the size and direction of each set of AC vector can be observed in real time.

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